Bobcat CT2025

Bobcat CT2025

Get robust performance, power and comfort with the 25hp Bobcat CT2025, a popular size class of compact tractor. It is strong enough for heavy duty work, but small enough to work in tight areas. It offers the features you need to perform work with loaders or implements. This economical model offers great versatility that is well for small farms, ranches and acres.

Owning a piece of land or a farm comes with a lot of responsibility, and maintaining that property is hard work. However, with the right tools, tasks and projects are much easier and more enjoyable. The Bobcat CT2025 features manual or hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, power steering and rear PTO. It comes with a factory installed quick-hitch front loader that includes a hose kit, bucket level indicator, grate guard, and mounting kit.

Additional features include the roll-over protection structure, work lights, ergonomic controls, suspension seat, and quiet engine. The CT2025 offers high ground clearance to help maneuver over rough terrain and a tight turning radius for working in tight spaces or around obstacles. It has integrated loader control lever for easy front loader work.

Bobcat compact tractors offer leading drawbar power and towing force for heavy towing performance that surpasses many other tractor brands. The hitch is adjustable to provide flexibility and towing comfort.

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Manual Shift Transmission:

This is the classic tractor transmission that many remember from their childhood on the farm. The manual shift transmission is an economical and reliable option that requires you to stop to shift between nine forward gears and three reverse gears. It works well for jobs that require constant speed, such as mowing, tilling or spraying. Efficiently handle jobs that require power take-off. Second and reverse gears are synchronized for easy loader use, but not recommended if heavy digging and loading is to be done. Read more about all Bobcat compact tractor transmission options.

Independent PTO:

Independent PTO allows you to simply flip a switch to engage or disengage the PTO without having to stop the tractor or use the clutch. This is very useful for tasks that require frequent stopping and restarting of the implement, including moving from hole to hole while using the auger.

Live PTO:

This power-taking system (PTO) is a simple and economical PTO system only in the 2000 platform tractors with manual transmission. It uses a mechanical coupling to connect and disconnect the system from the PTO, and the tractor must stop completely before connecting or disconnecting the PTO.

Tire options:

Different jobs require different tires to make sure you get the best performance of your tractor. Bobcat offers three tire options that adapt to work you do, either to tow heavy loads and drag implements, to work on the grass or to work on a variety of soil conditions and applications that require more traction.

Maximum maneuverability:

Every day it supposes a new challenge on the farm or on the farm. Bobcat compact tractors offer maximum maneuverability to face these challenges. Whether you need a great free height to go through difficult land, as if you need four-wheel drive to get a greater traction or reduced turning radius to work around obstacles, you will find the performance you need to get to work.

The Bobcat compact tractors offer the highest power and trailer force in the shooting bar for a heavy trailer performance that exceeds many other tractor brands. The coupling is adjustable to provide flexibility and trailer comfort.

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3-point coupling:

The 3-point hitch transforms its Bobcat tractor into a multi-purpose machine for sear, styling, leveling a path, raking debris and weeds, move the snow and much more. It is compatible with all category 1 implements and includes features that facilitate the attachment of the implements.

Anti-roll protection structure (ROPS) Folding:

A ROPS, as standard in all models without a cabin, is designed to protect the operator in case of tipping (when the ROPS is blocked in the upper position and the safety belt is fastened). Folding Rops can be temporarily downloaded when driving below trees, inside garages or in other areas of low altitude.

Lead lifting capacity in the sector:

Count on an excellent lifting capacity to increase the capacity of your implements and improve your performance. Many of the Bobcat tractors offer the highest lifting capacity in the 3-point coupling.

Easy-to-use controls:

Bobcat compact tractors are designed to be easy to use with controls that help you do more work with less effort. The intuitive control levers are easy to use, and extras as the assisted address, cruise control and others help you manage the tractor and implements with confidence.

Working lights:

The work lights of the Bobcat compact tractors provide you with the visibility you need to move forward. The bright headlights illuminate the work in front, offering great visibility in low light conditions. The LED rear light with a long-lasting light bulb ensures that it is seen behind while traveling through its land, trails or secondary roads.

Do not remove any side panel to access the engine compartment. It is fast and easy. The hood is easy to lift thanks to the assistance of the air cylinder. This best-in-class service accessibility means that virtually all major service points are easy to see and reach.

Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your property looking its best and the key to keeping your Bobcat compact tractor running at peak performance. An accessible engine compartment makes daily maintenance easy. All daily checks, engine fluid fill and filters are located on one side of the engine, making it easy to operate your tractor with minimal effort.

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Reviews Bobcat CT2025

I just got a new Bobcat CT2025 this week. I had been looking for a tractor of this size on the second-hand market for a while, but nothing was appearing at a reasonable price. This is a second tractor for us, and it will be used primarily to pull a 6 ‘skid in a pair of riding arenas. I will also use it for other random tasks. So far I am liking the CT2025. It’s more agile, and it lifts and pulls roughly 700-pound drag very well. I also put a spear in the front just to see how he did it with a round bullet (900 pounds for the hay boy, unverified). He moved her without any apparent difficulty.

I have a CT2025 with 26 hours of use. I liked it a lot. I have a 5 ‘Brush hog and a 5’ cultivator that I use for food plots. I have tilled several acres and cut over 20 acres with the mower. I haven’t had a single problem and I like knowing that I can increase the power if I need to. I also like to know that I don’t have all BS broadcasts on it!

It is used CT2025 on our horse / cattle farm 20 hours a week on average. Feeding round bales of hay, clearing manure, plowing snow, and raking hay. It does everything right, with power to spare.

Obviously with 10 hours on it, we’ve just started exploring the capabilities of this tractor, but it does everything I want, and my wife finds it easy to use, too. We’ve spent on the heated and air-conditioned cabin, but with hay and dust allergies it’s really helpful.

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