Bobcat CT2025 how to increase power

Bobcat CT2025 how to increase power Problems

I just got a new Bobcat CT2025 and it is great. As a car and motorcycle enthusiast I would like and actually need another 5-10hp from this thing. It looks like the throttle arm has two screws, 1 for the idle adjustment and the other as a limiter / governor?

Besides that “limiter” screw adjustment, what can I do to get the fuel up on this like other mechanical diesel pumps? Its cooling is great even in 90 * days working with the bucket and a huge rudder going up very long and extremely steep hills, it just needs more power to be perfect.

I’m afraid it will take more than turning a screw to turn a 25HP tractor into a 30-35HP. Modifying the fuel delivery system in any way would likely void any warranties you may have as well. For what aspect of your job do you think you need more CV? Throw? Lift up? The power of the PTO for your implements?

Sometimes it’s a matter of machine weight, more than HP, if your struggling to pull or push things without your tires spinning all the time.

The differences between a Bobcat CT2025 and a CT2035 don’t seem to be much beyond the engine / PTO horsepower. 100 cubic inch engine vs. 111 cubic inch engine. Same hydraulics / lift capacity on both, not much difference in weight either.

I would use what you have, unless you really need more PTO power for something. Fluid-filled tires or other ballast weight can help with traction problems.

If you find that you really need more tractor than you just bought, I would like to speak to your dealer immediately about the trade before getting too many hours / bumps / scratches on the machine.

However, from my experience, I would rather try to do small jobs with a larger machine than to try to do large jobs with a smaller machine. However, there are people who think otherwise. Everyone’s tractor needs are different.

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