Bobcat CT2025 with Loader FL8

Bobcat CT2025 with Loader FL8 Problems

Does anyone know if the FL8 charger would work on the Bobcat CT2025, instead of the FL7?And has anyone asked the dealer about the possibility of installing it with the purchase instead of the FL7?

As I understand it, the frame and dimensions of the Bobcat CT2025 and CT2035 are the same.

The specs aren’t drastically different apart from breakout force, but I think looking at them the FL8 definitely looks more robust.

I may ask my dealer on Monday, but he was wondering if any of you knew.

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Yes, they absolutely do.The only difference I can think of is the 25hp vs 35hp, but if the flow is the same, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work well.Only about 150lbs heavier.

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